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Speed of Funding  3.97/4  (3.97)
Ease of application  3.97/4  (3.97)
Customer Service  3.98/4  (3.98)
Amount of Loan  3.93/4  (3.93)
Recommendation  3.99/4  (3.99)

Compared to averages for similar items
Speed of Funding  3.98/4  (3.98)
Ease of application  3.99/4  (3.99)
Customer Service  3.98/4  (3.98)
Amount of Loan  3.97/4  (3.97)
Recommendation  3.99/4  (3.99)

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Online Payday Loans are fast and easy with this very reliable lending source. The payday loan site SnappyPayday has been in operation for over five years and has NO consumer complaints registered with the FTC or the Better Business Bureau. Snappy is one of the most popular payday loan sites on the web. SnappyPayday assists its users in securing Payday Loans from $300 - $1500, no credit checks and no faxing required. The one page application is clear and easy to use and the site also has a strong privacy policy to protect your personal information. The site offers instant online approvals for Payday Loans and helps facilitate cash being deposited quickly into your account.

Last Update: May 7, 2012

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